Updates on the Waldo Canyon Fire


(Updates on the Waldo Canyon fire containment to be updated as soon as it becomes available.)

If anyone’s reading this blog, then you know that despite the fires happening in Waldo Canyon here in Colorado Springs, I just happen to be A-OK. Concerning the big 3 network affiliates (NBC’s KOAA 5, CBS’s KKTV 11 and ABC’s KRDO 13) a great chunk of local programming, including network programming, has either been pre-empted and/or live footage shown alongside regular programming. The FOX (21) and CW (57) channels chose to keep their viewers informed via crawl while airing regular programming.

I, on the other hand, is currently living within the city limits and hoping that the fire, now 25% contained, doesn’t spread to other areas.

I’m writing this blog to let everyone know that since I do live in Colorado Springs, I’m grateful to know that there are people that I’ve met on the internet over the years who are concerned about me, and I want to say thanks.


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